Quitting your daily job is termed as retirement . Now-a-days people do not wait till the age of 58 to retire, as there are lot of career options available.We all know that companies offer special training for people who retire after completing their service. They tell people to spend quality time with family, how to live with their saving, avoid making risky investments etc. Let us see why some people face depression once they retire and how can this be resolved.

After retirement most people will miss out on monthly income, which is one of the main reasons for depression…

Lateral view and explode function are mostly used for analysing text data using Hive. Let us understand both these concepts with an example.

Explode function

Explode function is known as “User defined Tabular function (UDTF)”, which takes one row as input and returns multiple rows as output.

Say, we have a table ‘all_tweets’, with id and tweet as its columns.

hive > select id , tweet from all_tweets ;

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